Monday, December 9, 2013

Just 2 Years & A Sight for Sore Eyes

Today is my son's 2nd birthday. I cannot believe he is 2 years old. All parents say this but I will say it again . . . time flies. I just had to share these pictures because it makes me smile and shows what a happy little boy he is.

We love you Gibson and you love cake!
Cookies made by my friend. How cute are these?
In other news, I wanted to share a new resource I made. My children are *loving* it and ASK to work on it during indoor recess (which we have been having in excess because of our freezing temps).

There are so many wonderful resources out there for sight word recognition and my children love so many of them. Our literacy block is such a big chunk of time that I wanted to create something  new that would be engaging, timeless, and could be used throughout the school year. This is how *A Sight for Sore Eyes* was developed.

The sight words included in this packet are Fry Words (#1-60).

The first activity is Magnifying Match Up and Magnifying Match Up with Friends. Both of these literacy activities use (you guessed it!) a magnifying glass. The children can work individually, cooperatively with partners/small groups, or with a parent helper/teacher aide/buddy class. 

In Magnifying Match Up the children read the sight word using the magnifying glass and match it to the sight word on the game mat. This activity may be differentiated based on your children's needs. I have children capable of working on all 4 game mats at once and I have children just use 1 game mat at a time. It all depends on what your children need and what works for your classroom.

In Magnifying Match Up with Friends the matching activity is turned into a fun game where children try to fill up their game mats first. But be careful, some **special** bonus cards are added to the pile which can help or hurt you! You should see the smiles when they play this game. They can't get enough!

The next 2 activities deal with writing the sight words. Our school focus has been writing this year so I wanted to reinforce writing the sight words during our literacy block. Our children need *a lot* of practice writing the sight words. They also need practice producing sentences with the sight words (and spelling them correctly!). Retention of the sight words has been a challenge and these 2 activities have really helped us. 

Included in this packet are 10 Telephone Words pages where the children write the sight words, translate them into the telephone code, and produce a sentence using 1 of the sight words. There are also 40 Sight Word Sticker Story pages where the children develop a story based on 2 stickers of their choosing and 3 of the sight words. When I run low on stickers I use a "pre-made" Sight Word Sticker Story page with 2 images already included. Both the blank pages and the "pre-made" pages are included in the packet.

Here are few writing samples from the Sight Word Sticker Stories. These are unedited and were completed individually during their "Work on Writing" time. I love them and think they are precious! (and they show what we need to work on)

Cinderella and her seahorse friend, Katherine. :)

Matryoshka dolls (nesting dolls) smelling flowers. :)

Cinderella and her 3 pugs. :)
Look for A Sight for Sore Eyes: A Fresh Look at the First 60 Fry Sight Words in my TPT shop. I have also created Let's Go Sight Seeing: A Fresh Look at Fry Sight Words (#61 - 120). I am working on a 3rd packet with completely different literacy activities. This 3rd packet will cover Fry words #121 - 180. 

Happy Monday friends! I am off to make some hot chocolate to stay warm. Yum!

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