Monday, December 23, 2013

Just a Linky Party - Thirteen in '13

I am linking up with Miss Kindergarten, A Teeny Tiny Teacher, and Dragonflies in First to give you my thirteen in '13.
A birthday present from Mr. T.
~metallic sweater Uggs in TEAL and CORAL~
comfy, warm, and so uggilicious

I used to go to movies all the time. Well, this was around 13 years ago when I was a nanny to the best little boys in the world. We would go see EVERY movie and we always had a blast. Ah, the good, ole days . .  . anyways . . . on to my favorite movie that I watched . . . 

My husband and I just watched a really good movie the other night: The Way Way Back. It has some great actors in it (Steve Carrell, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, Toni Collette, Allison Janney, I could go on and on . . . ) and has a similar vibe to Little Miss Sunshine and Away We Go. I highly recommend it. :)
I may not see a lot of movies but I tend to *love* TV. I never watch the shows when they are on (holla DVR) and I probably couldn't tell you the actual channel number of any show BUT when I get a **break** I tend to take advantage and play catch up with my DVR.

So I have a *few* favorites.

Breaking Bad.

The Good Wife.

Sons of Anarchy.

Mad Men.
Some days I just get a hankering for chips, salsa, and a margarita (on the rocks with salt). We have this great little Mexican restaurant called Mi Ranchito near our house and it is YUMMY! There is nothing super fabulous about it but sometimes it just hits the spot!
I am completely green to the whole blogging scene and TPT thing but so far, I am having fun and am learning a lot. I have been purchasing from TPT for about 4 years and have been reading blogs about the same length but decided that I was going to dive head first and actually *put myself out there* as a creator and blogger. I am looking forward to what evolves in 2014. :)
We sold our house and built a new house in 2013. It was a long journey with a lot of highs and lows, but I can happily say that we *love* our new home. I have never seen my kids happier. They have room to run around and play and I love coming home to our *home* each night after work. I feel blessed the way it all worked out and really feel that we are where we are supposed to be.



I have to laugh at this. I have only had 5 or 6 posts and I *might* be the only one who reads them so I have to hold off on this one. I think I'll be able to answer that a little better at the end of 2014. :)

Coming home to this. :)

Every. Single. Night.

As a family, we have begun going to a new church and we LOVE it. We were sort of in a church *hiatus* and were feeling pretty stagnant with our faith.  We just didn't know quite where to go with our faith and how we should get there. We really weren't letting God in but we weren't even aware that this was happening.

Mr. T and I were raised in the church (him as a Catholic and me as a Presbyterian) and have always had church in our lives. However, this year we have begun to grow in our faith and have seen the positive effect it has on our children, our marriage, and as individuals. 
My children and their great grandmother (who will celebrate her 99th birthday in 2014).
 Gibson is telling my Nana (his Grana) about a truck.
Maeve is cuddling with Grana and they are sharing her blankie.
Every visit we have with her is so special.
AND . . . you will not believe this . . .

She plays the piano like a *rock star*!!!!
My dear friend, Anna's, wedding. We have known each other all of our lives and I was honored to be a part of her special day. My whole family was there and we had so much fun dancing and laughing. 


Not just when things are tough but all the time.

 *Let Go*

Well, that's 2 words but you get the point . . .

Well, that's my 13 in '13.
I'm looking forward to 2014. How about you?


  1. I love the Good Wife too! Those pictures with your grandma are precious, cherish every moment.
    Glad I found you through the linky party!

  2. Girl, I am green in this whole blog thing too! Love your pictures of your kiddos with your grandma. Adorable! I laughed when I read about your favorite pin. That sounds exactly like me. Way too many to count. And Mexican food? Oh. My. Goodness. I miss Mexican food SO much. I'm living in South Korea this year to teach English, and there is no Mexican food over least not like what is in Texas. Love your 2 words. Let go and let God. So glad I found you through the linky party!
    Gig ‘Em Teacher